Namco Bandai's Monster Hunter-like action adventure game for the PSP, God Eater, full of big guns, big swords and big deities, is coming to North America. And it's doing so thanks to D3Publisher, not Namco Bandai. Thanks, D3Publisher!

The action adventure game promises more than 100 "exciting missions" for God Eater players, with cooperative play available courtesy of AI-controlled teammates or local adhoc wireless multiplayer. Better yet, the North American version of God Eater will support the PlayStation 3's adhocParty service, letting you find fellow fans of Aragami-slaying who are too far away for local play.

God Eater is currently the bestselling game in Japan, boasting some 1.5 million demo downloads, the newest benchmark of success.

Want to see what God Eater looks like in motion? This trailer will help!


D3Publisher has God Eater listed for a Q3 2010 release date on the PSP.