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Goat Simulator Would Be Pure Chaos In Real Life

What if the absurdity and destruction of Goat Simulator bleed into real life? If this video is anything to go by, it would be kind of amazing.


Stefman398 went ahead and made a live-action version of Goat Simulator, and the results are wonderful. This depiction even has some of the real achievements you can get in the actual game. And having actual humans react to the goat is pretty great too.

Goat Simulator: Random Rampage (Live Action) [Stefman398]

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I suggest hanging out in the general vicinity of at least three adult goats for a couple of days. Baby goats don't count, as they're pretty normal, way too clumsy and way too cute.

Just stick around. You'll learn that goats see the world with different eyes. Way different eyes. And they're more like we pretend not to be (but secretly are).

You'll re-evaluate the climbability of things. You'll also learn that anything can (and will) be eaten.

Goats start dry humping when they reach the age of a week or so.

Also, goats breed like rabbits. Just watch them go. You know you want to.

Also, cheese. Yum.

"If it isn't worth fighting for, it isn't worth having." -goat.