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It's been quite awhile, but now we're back, playing the Nintendo Wii family party game Go Play Lumberjacks, so you don't have to.


Go Play Lumberjacks is, oddly enough, part of Majesco's new Go Play line of family-friendly titles. Of course, on the Nintendo Wii, family-friendly generally translates into mini-games, and Lumberjacks is no different. The game actually has quite a few nifty features, including Wii Balance Board support and the ability to unlock a whole host of secret characters, one of which is your Mii. I heard you all gasp with delight right there.

Unfortunately, too many of the mini-games amount to me standing in front of the television pantomiming masturbation, something I don't generally do unless I am watching CNN.


Have you been eyeing a budget title at your local game store but just aren't prepared to take the plunge sight unseen? Feel free to use the comments section to suggest more games you'd like us to play So You Don't Have To.

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