Go On, See How Many Games You Can Identify [Update]

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You may think you know a lot of video games. You may even think you could name hundreds of them from a single screenshot. Time to put that knowledge to the test!


Dom2D's Geek Mind challenge presents you with a seemingly never-ending cascade of screenshots and game art, challenging you to type the name of the game as swiftly as possible. Do it fast enough and your time builds alongside your points tally; respond too slowly (or incorrectly) and not only will you be covered in shame, but you'll lose points and time. Lose all of either and you're out.

There's a great selection of games on show, from classics to more contemporary titles, indies to blockbusters, so if you need to kill some time at work today, this is a great way to do it.


Just be careful of your spelling.

UPDATE - The game's creator, Dominique Ferland, has taken in a lot of feedback from over the weekend and made some changes to the game, namely tweaking some answers so they're not as hard to enter (the original had some series and punctuation glitches), along with adding a few new levels.

[Geek Mind]

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There's a screenshot from SMW2: Yoshi's Island that only responds to "Super Mario World". The rest of it is pretty rad though, I got like 3600 points.