Go Get 'Em, Robo

Happy Monday, Kotaku readers. You're free to contain your excitement for another workweek in tonight's open thread, where we can talk about the EVO 2011 Championships, Las Vegas or debt ceilings if you'd like. Anything goes here.

I spent much of my weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Rio Hotel and Casino—an establishment I hope to not find myself again in soon. It was a rough one, a getaway that sure felt a lot more like work than most Vegas getaways. But good times were had by all and I got to see some amazing EVO match ups in person, energized by the vibe of the fighting game fans in attendance.


How was your weekend? Get any gaming done? Anything else you'd like to talk about? Now's the time and this is the place! Here are a few conversation starters to get you a-talkin'.

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