Go Behind The Scenes On One Of The Best Star Wars Games Ever Made

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Star Wars: Republic Commando is one of the greatest Star Wars games of all, and is easily the best game based on the prequel trilogy. I’ve got a whole new appreciation for it, though, after watching this developer playthrough, hosted by the game’s lead programmer Brett Douville.


As people who don’t make games, it’s always easiest to criticise and appreciate the things as outsiders that we do understand about them. Art design, writing, etc. We rarely appreciate, or are even aware, of stuff going on behind the scenes like the HDD loading limitations Douville explains was the reason behind the game’s immersive intro sequence.

This is just the first video; he’s going to be doing one every week until he’s done.


Such a damn fine game. Not just a good Star Wars game that didn’t involve Jedis or other shenanigans, but a damn good FPS to top it all off. The squad controls were amazing, your team AI was incredible for a 2005 game that even most games in 2015 can’t hold a candle to.

All that said, fuck that ending. Fuck pulling on the strings of our hearts and fuck Lucas Arts for never giving it the sequel it DESERVED.