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Go Behind the Scenes of Portal With This Aperture Science Documentary

These kids (and adults!) have invested what looks like a ridiculous amount of time and energy creating a documentary on Portal's Aperture Science. Not a short five-minute web clip. Like, a 21-minute documentary.


Don't worry, it's not serious. It's not a Valve neckbeard convention agonising over easter eggs and links to Half-Life 2. It's just a bunch of people, some mildly funny, some genuinely funny, talking about their jobs at the world's worst/best tech company.

Also, he may not have the face, but that Cave Johnson certainly gets the spirit of the man right.


Aperture: A Triumph of Science [Aperture, via TDW]

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Futurama reference! I approve.

(Bonus points if you get it without me having to tell you.)