Glory Of Heracles Gloriously Dated

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The long-running Japanese Heracles series makes its North American debut next month, when Nintendo unleashes Glory of Heracles for the Nintendo DS.


The Heracles series started in 1987 with the release of Tōjin Makyō-den Heracles no Eikō for the Famicom, which was loosely based on the Greek myth the Twelve Labors of Heracles. Since then four more installments have hit Japan, each one steep in Greek myth and dripping with RPG goodness. Nintendo announced a North American release for the fifth game at E3 in 2009, where McWhertor got his hands on an early demo. While his calling the game a "My First Role-Playing Game" doesn't exactly give me high hopes, the demo was brief...maybe they just forgot to include all of the good stuff.


Glory of Heracles makes it to American shores on January 18th.

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Before anyone says anything. Heracles is the Greek name, Hercules is the Roman name. So Greek mythology game = Heracles.

(if I recall right, he was named after Hera by Zeus to try and appease her since he was yet another of Zeus' bastard children with mortal women)