Glory Be! Stryper Coming to Guitar Praise in '09

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Stryper. Oh, lawd ... the Christian hair metal act reached their apogee when I was 13, just about a year after my confirmation, and though North Carolina is a place where, as the late Doug Marlette would say, even the Episcopalians handle snakes, at least we didn't listen to Stryper. That was for the Babdists. Yet even after flaming out in the mainstream shortly after 1986's "To Hell With the Devil," Stryper remains the top-of-mind brand for Christian rock. Curious, then, that the band wasn't in the first release of Guitar Praise, the Christian rock Guitar Hero clone which we've covered lavishly and smirkily since its release in September.Well, guess what, just like its Satan-worshippin' brothers at Activision and Harmonix, Guitar Praise has DLC. And MTV Multiplayer (and sometime Kotaku guest editor) Stephen Totillo reports that all you rapture-ready rockers can get your Stryper on in a spring '09 expansion pack. Yup. MTV confirmed it with the band's manager, who said Stryper wasn't in the original release only because of some tight deadlines to get legal clearance for some songs. A publicist for Guitar Praise backs it all up. Hossannah and hallelujah! Christian Metal Band Stryper Coming to Christian Clone of 'Guitar Hero' [MTV Multiplayer]


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"Krooeenya at 10:07 AM Reply *

What next? Catholic Priest Hero, complete with frightened child?

I hear they're working an a game based around Creationsim and Intelligent Design, apparently you spend most of the game sitting in absolute darkness. Though I'm still waiting for the Musilm game behead the infidel hero, I hear the machete controller is really lifelike."

I would feel very uncomfortable with the peripheral I would have to buy for that game leaning up on my entertainment center. You would have a lot of explaining to do to house guests.