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Gloomhaven's Sequel Raises Over $4 Million In One Day

Illustration for article titled iGloomhavens/i Sequel Raises Over $4 Million In One Day

Gloomhaven, one of the most popular board games in years, launched its big new campaign Frosthaven today on Kickstarter. Things are, uh, going well.


At time of posting, with less than 24 hours gone on the game’s Kickstarter campaign, it has raised over USD$4 million. Watching the page at any time looks a little something like this:


Frosthaven is a stand-alone campaign for Gloomhaven that can be played and enjoyed entirely on its own. Or, if you want, the new characters in the game can be used in base Gloomhaven runs as well (and original characters can be played in Frosthaven, too).

It’s shipping in an enormous box that contains a huge map, loads of minis, books and cards, so many that you’re about to be in for some scrolling:

Illustration for article titled iGloomhavens/i Sequel Raises Over $4 Million In One Day

The campaign is live here, with the only catch I can think of being that the current global situation is going to make the production of board games a little troublesome over the coming months.

Luke Plunkett is a Senior Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs

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LOL... Room in your house to store Gloomhaven *and* Frosthaven?? In this economy???

This reminds me... it’s been a while since my game group touched our Gloomhaven campaign.  Every time I think of the setup involved, though, I just get exhausted.  Everything about that game is huge, even the effort it takes to play it.