Boy does Infamous: Second Son look visually stunning—which in a way, makes any glitches you come across all the better. The game manages to look great even when it's messing up a bit.

Take, for instance, the knights the GIF above, taken from a video by jojopetv. They seem to be having some...trouble.

Maybe they're just trying to get their groove on, like in this GIF taken from a video by ChipCheezumLPs:


Or maybe you're the one that needs to get your dance on, like in this GIF taken from a video by mikeadonis878311:

Don't get too excited, though. This is what happens when the club can't handle you anymore, footage courtesy of HaX & GliTcH. Out of the map you go!


But hey, better that then suddenly becoming immobile, like in this GIF:


Heh. You can watch all these glitches in action/their context, in the following doofy glitch videos: