Although the ending is the result of a glitch, it accidentally adds additional nuance to the player relationship with Kaizen and creates more consequences for their interactions. The AI planned by the developers to never forgive the player’s betrayal can actually do just that. The glitch generated discussion when the game released, with fans talking about what endings were the best. Many players were surprised by the ending since it goes against one of Kaizen’s main motivations.


“It sounds bizarre,” one player said. “Kaizen has been hellbent on destroying that damn drive.”

“I’ve never seen that happen ever,” another said. “He keeps on insisting that you destroy the drive.”


The ending is real and you can watch it here. Even if it isn’t what was intended, there are currently no plans to get rid of the glitch.

“Now, I don’t want to fix it. I love the idea that we made a game with an ending so secret we didn’t know it by ourselves,” Corno said. “Even if it contradicts some golden rules of Kaizen, it also make it more human. People can change their mind. So does Kaizen.”