HeroQuest, an "entry-level" Warhammer game first released in 1989, was at the time a fairly primitive affair, limited to a board, some cards and the player pieces. So Damien Thévenin has spent a few years fixing the game up a little.

He's built an exquisite set of 3D walls and doors, meaning the game's formerly primitive dungeon now look a lot more like a, well, dungeon! Or castle. I never was quite sure which it was.

Thévenin has also professionally painted the game's units and re-done the floor tiles. It's amazing work, which you can see more of at the link below.

Fun fact: classic Sierra adventure series Quest of Glory was once called Heroe's Quest. It was this board game that forced the name change.

HeroQuest [Damien Thévenin via Geek-Art]