This guy, I swear. I don't know how he does it. Get a load of the latest "Bad Lip-Reading" from the genius who brought you Mitt Romney saying "Cray Cray" and Michael Bublé singing about shooting a Russian Unicorn. Yes, it's Twilight . But even if you've never read a book or seen a movie, you'll probably laugh at this video.

Bella! How could you eat Edward's cake? It was his most bestest creation!

And hey, since we're here, I'm just going to go ahead and embed that Bublé song, since it is still the actual best internet video I have ever seen:

I'm dead serious: I feel like BLR threw the gauntlet with that song and no one has matched it.


Is there a better YouTube video out there somewhere that I'm missing? If so, let me know if the comments, or talk about whatever else you want, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have good chatting, and be sure to shave that mustache and have gelato.