Giant Vita Is The World's Most Pointless Handheld

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The PS Vita TV has problems. Cramming it inside an oversized handheld shell to make it "portable" is not going to fix any of them.


But hey, bless the DekaVita 7 for trying. It's a 7" screen, with controls, that works by plugging a Vita TV into the back of it. Which, in theory, would give you a bigger PlayStation Vita.


Only...why? The Vita itself has a pretty big screen as it is, and what's more, every Vita game will work on it, while the Vita TV has compatibility issues (the DekaVita 7's screen won't work as a touchscreen, for example, because the Vita TV can't support that).

I want to make more fun of it, but really, if you ended up buying a Vita TV, what's stopping you from making one more bad purchasing decision and just revelling in it?

The DekaVita is a seven-inch 'handheld' with a Vita TV slid into the back [Engadget]

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Um this is a brilliant actually. Comfortable portable remote play! It's a wii u gamepad for the PS4!