Giant Swords and Silly Cleavage? Ah, This is Code of Princess

Mass-market appeal, family-friendly mascots and fluffy animals be damned. Code of Princess is a 3DS game that wants to sell itself on giant swords and barely-clothed women.

Which sounds awfully crass, but then, those barely-clothed women have been designed by Capcom legend Kinu Nishimura, who is working on both the characters and the world of Code of Princess. So there's pedigree to that exposed flesh!


It's a side-scrolling brawler, with up to four player co-op, and will be out in Japan next year. It's being developed by Agashima Entertainment.

If you like the looks of the character design, there's a rather detailed statue of the main character you can check out here. You may not want to do so if you're at work, though. Just saying.

ゲームやフィギュアなど、多角的に展開![Famitsu, via Tiny Cartridge]

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