Starting this week, if you head down to Hong Kong's Time Square Shopping Center, you'll see more than chic retailers. You'll see giant mecha.

The "Gundam Docks at Hong Kong" exhibit kicked off on July 26 and will run until the beginning of September.


In front of the Time Square Shopping Center, you can see an RX-78 Gundam square off against a Char's Zaku II. They're not full-sized like Japan's giant Gundam, but they are 1/3 scale. At nearly 20 feet, they're still effing huge.

There's also whole bunch of Zaku next to the Salvatore Ferragamo.

Have a look at the festivities, with photos courtesy of Toys Daily and Gundam Guy.

時代廣場「Gundam Docks at Hong Kong」[Toys Daily]

Gundam Docks at Hong Kong (Time Square, Hong Kong) [Gundam Guy]

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