To promote the new Patlabor movies, the life-sized Ingram mecha was shown off in Tokyo. Sure beats a movie poster.

Recently, huge crowds gathered to see the life-sized AV-98 Ingram that was temporarily erected in the streets of Tokyo's Kichijoji.

Previously, the Ingram was spotted in Yokohama.

Let's have a look at this weekend's promotional event, with images via Naver:

[Photo: shigurecords]

[Photo: HTR174]

[Photo: ken_yami]

[Photo: Lagrange1971]

[Photo: hatara9_9ruma]

Here, you can see the Ingram being raised.

And another angle:

[Photo: SX1000]

[Photo: ITO_KEN]


吉祥寺駅前に原寸大パトレイバーが現れ一時騒然! [Naver]

Top photo: T_SONOYAMA

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