Giant Gundam And No Official Parking

Over 500,000 people have visited the 1-to-1 scale Gundam near Bandai Namco's Gundam figurine factory in Shizuoka, Japan. And there is no official on site parking. Street parking is out, too. What to do?

Japanese website Byoukan Sunday has couple possible workarounds for motorists who want to visit the site — and not take public transportation. There is paid parking closer to Shizuoka JR station, and temporary paid parking lots have been set up as well. The last option is parking in front of a nearby store.


With the toll that foot traffic took when the Gundam statue was in Tokyo, no wonder organizers are trying to minimize the impact of car traffic.

静岡の等身大ガンダムは駐車場ゼロ!だが確実に駐車場を確保する方法 [秒刊 Sunday]

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