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Not only that, the mecha have taken over a robot restaurant with the clever name "Robot Restaurant". Wait, you say, Tokyo doesn't already have a robot restaurant? As of tonight, it most certainly does. Tonight, Robot Restaurant opens in Shinjuku.

There will be food. There will be drinks. There will be ladies in funny outfits and robots in funny outfits. Enter if you dare!

While the neon-bathed Robot Restaurant bills itself as, well, a restaurant, the Shinjuku establishment looks to be more of a cabaret with nightly shows that include ladies in skimpy outfits piloting large female robots. The fliers call this "a sexy army attack". Noted.

There's a whole team of color-coded ladies to man the fleet of female bots—the whole kit and caboodle cost something like ¥10 billion (US$125,000) to make! The show features ladies in bikinis and hot pants, motorcycles, giant female mecha, and...a marching band?

(Robot Restaurant has a drum team on staff that performs both Japanese drums and Western-style drums.)


Yes, the whole thing is ridiculous, and that's pretty much the point! As Otaku USA editor Patrick Macias points out, the competition for Shinjuku nightlife is stiff. There is a seemingly endless array of adult entertainment aimed at Japanese salarymen. Instead of just another peel joint or sexy pub, something over the top like this can help a new spot standout. That's why this week a trailer carrying the mecha on a flatbed has been making its way through Tokyo as a publicity stunt.

The ¥3,000 (US$38) entrance charge includes the show fee, table charge, and a not-so-delicious-looking bento meal. Doors open at 6pm, and there are between 2 and 3 performances a night, which is probably all Tokyo nightlife, or humanity, can handle.

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