Marauder, who for years have been making custom weapons and accessories (sandbags, etc) for "adult collectors" of GI Joe-scale figures, have decided to step up and start making figures of their own. If GI Joes are for kids, then these things are for the grown-ups of the Call of Duty generation.

Designed for both figure collectors and tabletop gamers (the figures come with stands), the idea is that these guys come with so many modular weapons and accessories that they can be used for sci-fi, modern military, superhero or even police scenarios.


These things look great! They do what you always wished your old GI Joe figures could do; like pose better, or be able to take off all those pouches and belts that were stuck all over them.

Marauder's Task Force Kickstarter for these figures has already gone way past its goal, so the first few designs are already getting made. The more money they make, they more figures get made.

Marauder Task Force [Kickstarter]


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