Ghostbusters: Harrison Wants To Prove Activision Wrong

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Atari's plucky bald president Phil Harrison would to show the world that Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick made a big mistake in dropping the Ghostbusters game from the company's lineup.


Speaking in an interview with MCV, Harrison calls into question Kotick's reasoning behind the decision not to publish the eagerly anticipated and long overdue movie tie-in, indicating a strong desire to make Bob eat his words.

“What Bobby, perhaps unhelpfully said, was that those games were franchises which wouldn’t make $100m of revenue and generate sequels. If that’s his benchmark, then fine – and we’d love to aspire to the same benchmarks. But you know what? I would love to turn Ghostbusters into a $100m franchise, just to prove him wrong.”

Ah yes, that's the Phil Harrison we know and love. He might no longer be with Sony, but he certainly didn't leave his balls behind.

Harrison: We'll prove Activision wrong [MCV]


While I think that there's nothing wrong with having a sequel to a game and establishing a franchise: it's such a shame that we support an industry that rewards a lack of new and amazing ideas.

With that in mind I can't believe it's taken so long to make a decent Ghostbusters game. As a child of the 80's: I ate that stuff up for breakfast. Literally. I had Ghostbusters cereal, sheets, slimer pudding, slimer kool-aide, I watched the cartoons religiously, and I watched the first movie on a bi-daily basis. I have an ecto-1 on top of my wardrobe. My god.