Ghostbuster The Video Game Very Much Alive, Sitting on My Desk

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This is downright odd.

Just two days after word hit that Activision was taking inventory of future Sierra titles, including Ghostbusters The Video Game and Brutal Legend, and trying to decide which to publish and which to mothball, I received this in the mail.


That's right, a preview copy of Ghostbusters The Video Game. The letter, written by the Evil PR Ninja Monkey (that's actually his title) at Activision Blizzard says that the hands-on preview code is not embargoed and that I can write about it as soon as I'd like to.


According to the included fact sheet the game has a Fall 2008 release date, but of course since the sheet isn't dated I have no way of knowing how accurate it is.

Sounds like someone is trying to reassure the gaming public. Now about that Brutal Legend code?

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I'm sure SCEA would disagree, but they probabaly had little to nothign to do with who got the rights.

It's like spiderman movie games on other platforms. You'd think Sony would have given it tot heir own studio, but they didn't.

It's strange to think of, but Sony's individual parts rarely talk to each other. They might as well be seperate companies altogether in that reguard.