Ghost Recon Wildlands Resurfaces With New Trailer

It’s been nearly a year since we’ve heard or seen anything related to the latest entry in the Ghost Recon series, but that should change at E3.


The latest trailer, featuring a guy who sure sounds like but probably isn’t Matthew McConaughey, looks like an actual game. It doesn’t feature a release date, but given that Ubisoft’s also announced a collector’s edition, it wouldn’t be surprising if they’re trying to launch this sometime in 2016.

(Remember, Watch Dogs 2 should get announced at E3, presumably to be released this year. Ghost Recon might end up in Ubiosft’s December slot.)

Here’s what Ghost Recon Wildlands looked like at E3 last year:

Senior reporter at Kotaku, streaming Mario deaths at



I just... i just can’t get excited for Ubisoft games anymore. Everything they’ve put out this generation has been half decent at best, a disaster at worst.

Even Sydicate, which is probably the best game they’ve put out in years, is still just an AC game that only seems better than it really is because past AC games have been so disappointing.

The last game Ubisoft put out that i really enjoyed was The Stick of Truth, and that wasn’t even theirs originally.

I want to be excited about this game. The initial reveal trailer made it look like it could be incredible. But the same could be said about the first Watch Dogs trailer, the first Division trailer, the first The Crew trailer, the first Siege trailer....

Ubisoft is really good at making trailers. The final product on the other hand...

As a side note, Uncharted 4 is really making me wanna play a pirate game. Maybe i’ll install Black Flag and see if i can actually get into it this time. Or maybe i’ll just play some Monkey Island.