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Ghost Of Tsushima Will Now Let You Pet The Beautiful Dogs

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: Ghost of Tsushima

We’ve already told you all of the big things coming in Ghost of Tsushima’s 1.1 update coming next week, but we haven’t told you the most important thing: you’ll now be able to pet the dogs.

While playing in the new New Game+ mode, if you equip the Charm of Canine Recruitment, you’ll be able to...recruit canines. Which means you don’t just get to pet them, but they’ll join you as allies as well.


The charm works in both the regular game and Legends mode:


This is good news! All games should let you pet the dog, every dog, whenever you want. It’s the rules!

Sucks that in this case you need to complete the game to be able to do it. The dogs are good on every playthrough, not just your second.