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Ghost of Tsushima Gets Online Co-op, New Game+ & More On October 16

Illustration for article titled iGhost of Tsushima /iGets Online Co-op, New Game+  More On October 16
Screenshot: Sony / Sucker Punch

First announced back in August, Ghost of Tsushima’s online co-op mode is being added to the game on October 16 via patch 1.1. This free update also adds some other requested features and changes, including the ability to create and equip various load-outs and New Game+ mode.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends is the new online co-op mode and it will let up to four players work together in a story separate from the original game, featuring new enemies and characters based on Japanese mythology. To access these new online missions players can start up a Legends lobby via the pause menu or track down a new in-game character named Gyozen the storyteller.


This new co-op mode includes its own new trophies, cosmetics, and gear, which players will unlock through gameplay. According to Sucker Punch, there are zero microtransactions in Legends. So no samurai loot boxes for you.

Update 1.1 also adds New Game+ to Ghost of Tsushima, which gives players a new horse and lets them restart the game with all their previous abilities, gear, and charms. This mode also gets its own new trophies too.

Illustration for article titled iGhost of Tsushima /iGets Online Co-op, New Game+  More On October 16
Screenshot: Sony / Sucker Punch

Armor load-outs are also coming with this update, letting players create specific load-outs tied to the different armors they own in-game.

All this will be available once you download the 1.1 update that will be available on October 16.

Kotaku Weekend Editor | Zack Zwiezen is a writer living in Kansas. He has written for GameCritics, USgamer, Kill Screen & Entertainment Fuse.

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Hope this doesn’t come off as a complaint cause this is great news, and it’s really amazing that the devs would add this after the fact. But it’s yet again another example of how more and more these days it just doesn’t make sense to buy a game at launch.

I’ve already beaten it and I don’t have a big desire to replay it, but these features, particularly that loadout feature, would have really been nice in my initial playthrough.

This is also why I avoid early access. Even if the game makes huge advancements and updates leading up to launch, I still find that by the time it does officially launch I’m already over it.