GHIII Coldplay Pack Detailed

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Get ready Guitar Hero II fans, for your doom (at least according to Luke) comes on June 19th, the official release date for the Coldplay track pack on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The three-pack of songs includes the single "Violet Hill" from their upcoming album Viva la Vida, due out June 17th, along with two of the band's older tracks, "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" form A Rush of Blood to the Head and "Yellow". Seriously, "Yellow"? Did that even have guitar in it? I'd head over to Amazon and check out the excerpt from the song to check but that would mean I voluntarily listened to it, and I made a pledge never to do so again after they played it on the local "alternative" radio station for the millionth time.


Anyone overly excited by this track pack? Speak up, so we might poke you with sticks and try to figure out what makes you tick.

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Coldplay is probably one of my favorite bands, but it doesn't really fit Guitar Hero's vibe. Rock Band, sure. But it doesn't really have the sort of epic guitar playing that I'm used to. I'm not against it, it just seems a bit...unnecessary.