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GH: World Tour Open to Rock Band Instruments

Illustration for article titled GH: World Tour Open to Rock Band Instruments

At last night's Activision non-E3 press conference, it was quickly mentioned that Guitar Hero: World Tour being compatible with non-Guitar Hero instruments. Meaning? The Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero: World Tour are compatible with instruments from the first Rock Band. (Obviously, the developers haven't been able to incorporate the unreleased Rock Band 2 instruments into the game.) While other third party guitar and drum controllers should jive with World Tour, Activision isn't yet commenting whether or not the Wii, PS2 or PS3 versions of both Guitar Hero and Rock Band will work with Guitar Hero: World Tour.


Activision: ‘Guitar Hero: World Tour' Is Compatible With ‘Rock Band' Instruments [Multiplayer]

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Burt Macklin

You know what though....I dont think it will work that well..

Rock Band Drums = 5 Buttons (4 Pads + 1 Pedal)

GH World Tour Drums = 6 Buttons (5 Pads + 1 Pedal)

If World Tour Drums work on Rock Band and Rock Band 2, then you bet it Ill get the World Tour Drums in a Heart Beat...

Give me the insurance of the extra button