Getting Those Achievements *Just* Right

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Forget HD graphics. The one really new thing the 360 (and now the PS3) have brought to this generation of gaming is achievements. But how do you design them? What makes 'em tick?


Gamasutra asked a number of prominent developers, from Infinity Ward (Call of Duty) to EA (Skate) through Naughty Dog (Uncharted), just that question. And while all recognised the importance of implementing them correctly in a game (as this can increase both sales and time spent playing), they each had a few different ideas on implementing them.

The Skate guys believe you need to earn them. Naughty Dog reckon that they're there to recognise skilful events, while Infinity Ward (and this is the way I like my achievements) think that they need to be spread gently, and evenly, throughout the experience, because "It's really nice to get a pop-up every hour or two saying that you've done something cool".


Unlocking Achievements: Rewarding Skill With Player Incentives [Gamasutra]

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Infinity Ward should practice what it preaches. CoD4's achievements are a pain in the ass. You should force people to beat the game on the hardest difficulty to get the majority of achievements. FAIL. Maybe I'm not hardcore enough, but I play most FPS's. In the case of CoD4 we're talking 50+ of multiplayer and beat the game on difficulty above normal (I forget what it's called) and gotten about halfway through on the hardest difficulty (which replaces the fun with hiding and waiting for life to regenerate after every shot). I only have like 500 points in the game and I've done everything there is to do, minus finish it on the hardest setting. I have had a bone to pick with CoD4's (and CoD2's because they are the same way) for some time now, thank you for giving me this outlet.