But it sure is memorable. Yesterday, a young couple got married while riding public transportation in Tokyo.

The young 20-something year-old couple, Nobuhiko and Sayaka, held their wedding ceremony on Tokyo's Yamanote Line, reports FNN. Serving 29 stations, the Yamanote Line is not only Japan's busiest train lines, it's one of the busiest in the entire world, with an average of over 3.6 million passengers riding this line daily. It's now home to a wedding.


Yesterday was "Railroad Day" ("Tetsudou no Hi" or 鉄道の日) in Japan, and while not a national holiday, it marks the opening of the country's first railway back in October 14, 1872. Japan Rail organized the wedding to mark the date as well as celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the iconic green train carriages.

Earlier this summer, interested couples were invited to apply for a chance to get married on the train line and then whisked to a reception at a Tokyo luxury hotel. These lovebirds were selected. Congrats!

Actually, forget what I said earlier. This is oddly romantic.

鉄道の日 20代のカップルが山手線の車内で結婚式を行いました。 [FNN]

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