Get Your Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild Started Right Now

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BioWare has launched Star Wars: The Old Republic's Guild Headquarters, a place where players can get their groups organized well in advance of the massively-multiplayer online game's launch.


Are you and your friends ready to adventure in a galaxy far, far away? While Star Wars: The Old Republic isn't due out any time soon, BioWare gives players the organizational tools they need to be ready for launch.

Most major MMO launches are preceded by a flurry of forum activity as hopeful guild leaders recruit new players, establish which server they'll be playing on, and make sure everyone knows who to bother for invites when the servers go live.


BioWare does away with all of that mess with the Guild Headquarters. Guild leaders can select their guild's name, select whether they plan to side with the Empire or the Republic, and even establish which sort of guild they plan to be - player-versus-player, player-versus-environment, or role-playing.

Guildless players can search for a guild using the same criteria, apply for membership, and then hang out in the guild's public forums, getting to know their eventual guildmates.

Once the game goes live, guilds with at least four members that have preordered the game will go live as soon as the guild leader logs in. Should the guild leader not login within two weeks, and officer will be promoted to guild leader. If no officer logs in, the first member to log into the game gets the guild. It's like a lottery!

If you are planning on being a guild leader in The Old Republic, I'd get started as soon as possible. There are already more than 2,700 Republic and 3,500 Empire guilds created, so get in there and grab your guild name before it disappears.


Or, you know, just join The Kotaku Alliance, and fight for the Republic.

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Why did they decide to make a MMO of KoTOR instead of making KoTOR 3?

I'm so frustrated. I absolutely loved the first two, and the second one was even unfinished and it was one of the best games I've every played.

Why Bioware why? Seriously though if anyone can point in the direction of why they did the MMO instead i'd like to know.