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Much like it did for Halo 3, Bungie is running a contest to get a fan-designed unit emblem in the game. The contest opened yesterday and will run through Feb. 5.


Bungie's rules are pretty straightforward: They want a two-color emblem that's still identifiable if the secondary color is toggled off. It's got to be original art, not even remotely referencing another logo, insignia or national flag. And "nothing offensive. Nothing rude, racist, icky, or otherwise stupidly ridonkulous." So, no bewbs.

The winner gets into Halo: Reach, but the contest is only open to participants from the U.S. and Canada.


The full list of rules is here. NOTE: This is not our contest. This is Bungie's. Follow the instructions on the page linked below and send THEM the emblem, not me.

Bungie Weekly Update [Bungie, thanks James]

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