Get Your E3 2011 Floorplan Maps Right Here!

Most of you won't be going to E3, as unlike TGS and GamesCom it's sadly closed to the public, but that doesn't matter. Some of you still find it interesting to pore over the location and size of a company's booths, so here they are!

And hey, that's cool. The weigh-in before a boxing match is a pointless formality that has no bearing on the final result, but it's still a televised event because people like to get a feel for the thing. See Microsoft and EA size each other up over a narrow pathway.


Me, I like looking at the tiny booths. Where it's interesting to see that Christian publisher Left Behind Games has a stand right across from Activision. And that NECA, producers of fine video game action figures, will have a booth, which will be located just down from both Take-Two and Konami.

The maps are interactive, so to see them in all their glory, head to the site below.

E3 2011 [mapyourshow]

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