Get Your Brain Trained For Free If You Buy A Kinect This Week At GameStop

Hey, you buying a Kinect this week? Maybe do so at GameStop, because the video game megastore is giving away a freebie if you pick one up soon. Now, before you beat feet to your local GameStop, that game is Body and Brain Connection.

That's the brain and body fitness game that Namco Bandai released earlier this year, the one that stars video gaming's most famous neuroscientist, Dr. Ryuta Kawashima. He's the star of Nintendo's Brain Age series and the man Avatar-ized for Body and Brain Connection.


If "math, logic, reflex, memory and physical-related exercises using the full-motion capabilities of the Kinect sensor in exciting single and multiplayer modes" sounds worth investing in Kinect, make your way to GameStop by April 16.

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