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Get This Game Of Thrones Mod, PC Gamers

Illustration for article titled Get This iGame Of Thrones/i Mod, PC Gamers

The perfect Game of Thrones video game—a lot more perfect than Telltale’s one, which ate my save game—is a mod I’ve been writing about for years. So it’s awesome to see that it’s finally out of beta and wearing v1.0 after its title!


You can get it from the mod’s official site here. It’ll turn Crusader Kings II—already one of the great PC strategy games—into a full-blooded Game of Thrones experience, complete with politics, sex and confusing family trees.

The mod is epic in scope: you can take control of not only any of the rulers of Westeros, but Essos, the Free Cities and the Night’s Watch as well.


Development on the mod isn’t finished: the team will still be adding and improving stuff in the future, it’s just that what’s in there now felt complete and functional enough to push it out the door without giant disclaimers all over it.

Course, you’ll need Crusader Kings II to actually play the mod, but if you don’t have Crusader Kings II, we can’t really be friends.

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Prof. Bananas Goldsteinberg

Do I buy a game that I know won’t be my cup of tea only to play a game based on a property I enjoy that also won’t be my cup of tea?

Even after typing out that question I’m still on the fence even though I clearly shouldn’t be.