Get Ready For Kinectisements (Kinectomercials?)

You didn't think Microsoft's Kinect would be used just for games, did you? Silly. It's going to be used for interactive advertisements as well, beginning with a Chevy commercial later this year.

As part of the campaign surrounding the launch of the Chevrolet Volt electric car at the end of the year, the car manufacturer will release a Kinect-friendly ad which lets users "physically explore and engage" with the vehicle, as well as using voice search to learn more about the Volt.


It's an interesting start, but you can't help but feel a better car to start with may have been something a little more exciting. The Volt is exciting politically and socially, but if I wanted to virtually explore a fancy new car on my 360, I'd want something that was a little faster.

Chevrolet and Microsoft team up for Volt 'test drives' on the Xbox 360 [Cartech]

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