All the rules dictate that I should start this post with something like "Love is in the air at Outspark!", but to be honest I have no idea if love is involved. To me, the idea of getting married in a game is a man-sized portion of daytime talkshow weird with a side order of emotional issues.

Regardless, Korean import specialists Outspark have decided to 'celebrate' (i.e. promote) the fact that players of the MMO Fiesta can now get hitched in-game by giving away that all-purpose wedding gift, the toaster.


For the next few weeks, all couples who choose to celebrate their love in Fiesta will be eligible for a draw that could see them taking home a shiny, real-life bread charring unit.

Couples who tie the knot in Fiesta also get a 'Power of love' spell, a wedding pet, the ability to summon their spouse from anywhere in the game and the satisfaction of knowing that they have left normal life far behind and are now sailing uncharted waters of human experience.

Toasters are good! []