Get In Line For The Rift Closed Beta

Eight primordial forces struggle for domination of the world of Telara, and you can experience that struggle for yourself by signing up for the first closed beta event for Trion Worlds' Rift, kicking off at the beginning of December.

Rift's unique soul combination character customization feature caught the eye of Stephen Totilo at PAX back in September, and now you can see what makes it different from other MMOs when the first closed beta testing event launches on December 3.


The first beta testing event features the first 20 levels of gameplay, including the entire starting zone for the game's techno-magical Defiant faction, along with the land of Freemarch, currently under siege by the Plane of Death. Sounds delightful!

"This is a momentous event for the entire Trion team, as well as the fans that have been following Rift since we first announced the game," said Scott Hartsman, Rift's Executive Producer and Trion's Chief Creative Officer. "We've created this deep, vibrant world that's just waiting to be populated with enthusiastic players, and our hope is that gamers will enjoy playing the game as much as we've enjoyed building it."

How do you get into the closed beta? Head over to the official Rift webpage, register a Trion account, and you're in the running for the event, as well as all subsequent beta events. Players can also visit the game's Facebook, Twitter, and forum pages for a chance at VIP beta keys.

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