Get Game & Watch On Your iPhone (Before Lawyers Take It Down)

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No way in hell Nintendo will ever put games on the iPhone. Not even Game & Watch ones. Which is why, we guess, Mobile 1UP have stepped in and done the next best thing.


These "developers" have ported bootleg versions of four classic G&W titles and made them available in the iTunes Store: GW Parachute, GW Chef, GW Fire and GW Octopus (GW...see what they did there?). All will cost you $1.99. Or at least they will until Nintendo get around to dropping the hammer on the whole thing.

[via Go Nintendo]


These have been up at least since the week prior to Christmas. I have all four and they're all pretty good. The only problem I have with them is some respond to motion for some when you're playing if your move your position slightly, you'll move in game. It's not that bad at first, but when you get around 100 points in any of the games is speeds up to a really fast pace that kills you quick if you mess up once.

Oh! And whenever Ninty catches wind of this....will we still get to keep the app? I've grown quite fond of them =0