Get Free Scouting Reports In Madden This Weekend

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Scouting reports, the Madden multiplayer data that tells you your opponents' tendencies - and your own as well - are normally bought with the in-game currency accrued free in multiplayer games. This weekend, they're 100 percent free.


Beginning mid-day tomorrow and lasting through the end of Sunday, grab as many scouting reports as you want for the super-low price of nuthin'. It's a promo sponsored by Papa John's Pizza, coinciding with the NFL's opening weekend.


This means you can also unlock scouting reports for an entire game for free, rather than on a play-by-play basis.

Gamers who bought the game at retail got 50 reports free through Madden's Online Pass. Each report covers a specific situation - run vs. pass play percentage, direction of passing plays, tendencies on third down, etc. - so heavy multiplayer users likely exhausted them rather quickly.

Free Scouting Weekend [Madden NFL Blog]

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It is so frustrating to think EA has a "Make this feature free" switch for when a company pays them money. I don't know about anyone else— but this is one of the more ridiculous things to charge money for.

Slightly more ridiculous than stat boosts and slightly less ridiculous than buying items for facebook games.