Get Free Scouting Reports In Madden This Weekend

Scouting reports, the Madden multiplayer data that tells you your opponents' tendencies - and your own as well - are normally bought with the in-game currency accrued free in multiplayer games. This weekend, they're 100 percent free.


Beginning mid-day tomorrow and lasting through the end of Sunday, grab as many scouting reports as you want for the super-low price of nuthin'. It's a promo sponsored by Papa John's Pizza, coinciding with the NFL's opening weekend.

This means you can also unlock scouting reports for an entire game for free, rather than on a play-by-play basis.

Gamers who bought the game at retail got 50 reports free through Madden's Online Pass. Each report covers a specific situation - run vs. pass play percentage, direction of passing plays, tendencies on third down, etc. - so heavy multiplayer users likely exhausted them rather quickly.

Free Scouting Weekend [Madden NFL Blog]

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