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Get Drunk on Boomer Bile

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sidling up to the bar at a trendy club and explaining how one makes "Boomer Bile" would identify you first as "disgusting" and then, after further explanation, "disgusting and a huge nerd."

But it's one of seven extremely complex (and dramatically backlit) cocktails that Official Xbox Magazine commissioned "a leading cocktail bar" to develop. The names invoke imagery from Left 4 Dead to BioShock, and are definitely meant to savor, not suck down during an 8-hour long multiplayer marathon. Unless you can "Carve off a lemon skin in a spiral shape and wrap the skin around the inside of a glass, using ice cubes to prop up the skin to the inside of the glass," like you were making icewater.

All of these sound intriguing but use at least two ingredients you probably don't have in your standard bar. The Boomer Bile, since it involves cucumbers and worcestershire sauce, sounds the most vile.


Share your own gaming cocktails in the comments. If anyone wants to create one out of Early Times, feel free to send that along to me, too.

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