Get Close to Your Enemies in the Dark Souls Class trailer

Choices mean the difference between life and death in most video games. And, in the case of Dark Souls, who you choose and how you play them means the difference between a little death and a lot of death. Nevertheless, this class trailer shows off the various weapons and spells warrior/wizard hybrid in Namco Bandai's hit title. Or, it just may make you more scared of what lies in the Northern Realms.


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Bought this, but it's been sitting on my shelf unopened. Mostly because I've been finishing other games off, but partly because of fear. I've never played Demon's Souls, so I'm hesitant to try this out.

I've been wracking my brain over what class to start off with. I've been leaning towards Wanderer or something a bit quicker, mostly because I'm a fan of dodging rather then blocking in other games. Any advice for a Dark Souls/Demons' Souls noob?