Get a Load of This Super-Hot Game of Thrones NES Game Cartridge

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Last week, I wrote about the 72 Pins collection of amazing custom NES art, done in a classic style and affixed to real NES cartridges. They looked plenty cool in pictures on the 72 Pins site, but I didn't anticipate that they'd be so cool-looking in real life.

The people behind 72 Pins were kind enough to send me the four pieces that were my favorites— The Life Aquatic by Cody Walton, Sword & Sworcery by Matej Jan, Adventure Time by Gabriel Leoni, and the total best one, Game of Thrones by Drew Wise.


I was surprised at just how great the cartridges look when you're holding one-I'm probably going to order a few more (including that amazing Ron Swanson one) and come up with a cool way to mount them. There aren't many pieces of video game-related art that I'd really want to hang on my wall, but these are the exception. I made this video to give you guys a closer look, and to show some of the fun hidden gags on each one.

You can browse the collection over at Yetee Gallery, and order any that you like. The "Thrones" one in this video, however, is only available from, along with a bunch more. These would make a fantastic gift for any of your geekier friends!

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