Get A Hat And Frying Pan Free With Your Game Purchase

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Those who own Team Fortress 2 can pick up an all-important hat - and a very useful skillet - free for use in that game if they go grab Left 4 Dead 2 before 7 p.m. tomorrow (Thursday).


What's more, the game is $6.79, (roughly 6.47 times the price of freedom), so you can see, Valve's keen to sell some damn Left 4 Dead 2. Grab it and you get a trucker hat worn by Ellis, the alleged friend of Whitaker, who runs the gun shop across from Liberty Mall in L4D2. The skillet is, well, you've seen what it can do in Left 4 Dead 2.

Already own Left 4 Dead 2 and TF2 on the PC? You'll see the items show up shortly.

Free Hats! [TF2 Blog]

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I downloaded Lef' fer Daid 2 last night (just could not pass that price up). Now to talk my relatives (who just entered the 21st century and got broadband) into either getting decent gaming laptops or letting me build them a decent gaming desktop...

I'm sure they'd have a blast with TF2 or L4D2.