Get a Good Look at Vergil in Action in DmC's DLC

Vergil, Dante's twin brother in the Devil May Cry continuity, returns as a playable character in next year's DmC: Devil May Cry. Yesterday Capcom released a couple minutes of gameplay footage in that trailer above, showing Vergil in the DLC extension due shortly after the game launches. It's free if you preorder the game.


The video was accompanied by another trailer (at bottom) showcasing the game's combination system and how a player increases his style ranking by chaining together offensive and defensive moves.


DmC: Devil May Cry arrives Jan. 15 in North America and Europe, Jan. 17 in Japan.

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As a big fan of the series, I honestly welcome the new one with open arms. The demo was a lot of fun on the hardest difficulty and I'll be playing the whole game that way. It already feels like the best Ninja Theory game. I'd rather just accept the game and see how it is based on its own merits.

Just reminds me of when I stopped being so judgmental based on what I thought a series "should be." I could never have fun with any of the Castlevania games after SotN because that's what I thought the series "should be" and anything else outside of what I though it "was" was immediately inferior. Eventually I told myself to shut up and stop comparing them because what was even the point of that and oh hey Curse of Darkness was actually a lot of fun.

I'm still kinda torn between getting it for PC or PS3 though. The graphical extras on PC would be nice, but I've got the HD Collection for PS3 and I'd like to have the whole series on one system as that's how I usually do things.

Either way I get the game for super cheap thanks to a $50 gift card from Christmas AND it falls right during my vacation so yeehaw.