You may have already seen the Nintendo Famicom-inspired Scion xB in stills, but you'll be missing out if you don't see the other sights and sounds this customized ride has to offer.


Giant Robot magazine publisher Eric Nakamura walks us through the non-standard options of this retro-styled Toyota, which features a NES cart for a key, an arcade button for a starter, a projector for a driver's side headlight and old-school Activision cues on the interior. If you also want to see a few dudes drive something that's not street legal, stick around to the end when Nakamura and company take the Famicom Scion xB for a spin.

You can see the car in person (and play the built-in game, Return of the Quack) at the Japanese American National Museum's "Zen Garage" exhibition if you're in the LA area.

JANM Oshogatsu Program [Giant Robot via GameSetWatch]

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