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The Wall Street Journal, well aware of the current state of economic affairs, ran a story today about all of the ways you can get a deal on video games.

The story walks people through everything from trade-ins, to bartering, sales hunting and rentals. It's a fast, worthwhile read that introduces readers to half a dozen sites and services.

Here's the break down:

GameStop: The granddaddy of the used games business with more than 6,100 stores world wide.


Switch Games: A free website for online trading of consoles and games with a social network for game trade matchmaking.

Goozex: An online trading site for gamers that uses a special point system.

GameFly: The $16 a month video game rental service that also offers used game sales.

GameTap: Well-known download service for older PC games.

Good Old Games: Another download service for PC games, this one from CD Projekt.

Cheap Ass Gamer: Hive mind for video gaming deals world wide, makes it's money through a commission collected from online retailers for referral sales.


Have you used any of these services? Are there any you use not listed here?

New Web Sites Help Players Shop & Swap [Wall Street Journal]

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Stanley Kirk Burrell

Well they missed steam's friday deals and amazon's regular gold box and video game deals.