Illustration for article titled Germans Subject emDiablo/em  emTorchlight/em Creator to LARPing, You Are Made to Suffer

Max Schaefer is one of the founders of Blizzard North and Runic Games, meaning he has games like Diablo II and Torchlight on his resume. Add "incredibly good sport" to his list of achievements, based on this incredibly awkward live action role-playing scenario put together by the folks at


To Schaefer's credit, his attempts at LARPing are sufficiently within the standard awkwardness levels of people dressing up in silly costumes and swatting at each other with harmless swords. Schaefer's fighting "Diablo" with blade and torch (geddit!) while putting on a very brave face.

To sum up: You should probably buy Torchlight II when it comes out so this wasn't all for naught.


Max Schaefer kills Diablo - short version [ via IncGamers]

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