German TV Show Apologizes to Gamers For Hurt Feelings

This morning we pointed out this video from Germany's RTL Television which seemed to delight in mocking the "computer freaks" that attended last week's Gamescom in Cologne. Today the show is apologizing for their bad judgement in airing it.


In a very short stand up, one of the news announcers had this to say today, according to a reader, tipster and translator:

"And now it is time for a correction of our own account. Maybe you've seen our report about the Gamescom last week. In this report we generealised and exaggerated and if we hurt any feelings we're awfully sorry."


Maybe next year they'll put more effort into covering a blossoming culture and less into mocking it.

Thanks Chris!

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"...and if we hurt any feelings we're awfully sorry."

C'mon, everybody knows this is the classic non-apology. "If I hurt your feelings I'm sorry" is no admission of fault and thus renders the apology hollow.

A genuine apology removes the "if" and flat out admits: "We're sorry to anyone who's feelings we hurt."