Upstairs at a two-story GameStop in scenic downtown Cologne, Germany, a young woman tries out Kinect, where du bist der Controller


I've arrived in Cologne a few hours ago, took a brief nap in my tiny hotel room without air conditioning, and then took a stroll through the town, looking for something to spend money on. As often happens at home, a wild GameStop appeared.

I browsed a bit, but I didn't buy anything. What I might think is a game never released in North America often ends up being something widely available in the U.S. under a different name with different box art, so I've quit trying.


I did wander upstairs though, where the PSP, Xbox 360, and PC games were hidden. There I found a little area cordoned off, with a young German woman playing around with Joy Ride, or as it should be called in Germany, Fahrvergnügen.

Sorry the clip is so short. The GameStop employees were eying me suspiciously. Obviously they didn't realize I am American and must video everything or risk having my passport revoked.

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