Upstairs at a two-story GameStop in scenic downtown Cologne, Germany, a young woman tries out Kinect, where du bist der Controller

I've arrived in Cologne a few hours ago, took a brief nap in my tiny hotel room without air conditioning, and then took a stroll through the town, looking for something to spend money on. As often happens at home, a wild GameStop appeared.

I browsed a bit, but I didn't buy anything. What I might think is a game never released in North America often ends up being something widely available in the U.S. under a different name with different box art, so I've quit trying.

I did wander upstairs though, where the PSP, Xbox 360, and PC games were hidden. There I found a little area cordoned off, with a young German woman playing around with Joy Ride, or as it should be called in Germany, Fahrvergn√ľgen.


Sorry the clip is so short. The GameStop employees were eying me suspiciously. Obviously they didn't realize I am American and must video everything or risk having my passport revoked.